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At Summit Leasing Group we offer two main services, tenant placement (leasing) and property management for single family residences.  Whether you own one single-family home or several, you have two very specific goals in mind: to keep each property consistently filled with reliable tenants and to keep that rental income rolling in. Whatever your situation – rest assured that we are prepared to help with all your single family home leasing and management needs!

We are mindful of the many moving parts that must work together in order to successfully and continually enable you to meet your goals. From tenant placement to rent collection, from maintenance to evictions, a landlord must constantly balance cash flow, expenses, tenant needs and, legal requirements.

This makes for a complicated business if not handled correctly in a systematic, reliable, efficient way.  In an industry where many property managers are ill-equipped to handle the diverse demands of the business, Summit Leasing Group, located in the High Desert is just that—a real solution to the real issues that arise when you need your residential property managed.

Maybe you never planned on being a landlord—you’ve been unable to find the right investment home or the right tenants, had to relocate for a job, or inherited a new property. Perhaps you are just entering the rental investment market, need to get your property rented, or you’re having difficulty with an existing tenant. You might also be a seasoned real estate investor who specializes in owning single-family homes.

We lease and manage residential property for individual owners, investors and financial institutions.  Put Summit Leasing Group team of professionals to work for you.

Charlie Galvati

Our Services

    Summit Leasing Group will set up an appointment to evaluate your home and determine the best and potential rate in addition to making rent ready recommendation.

    We will do thorough research to determine the best and highest rate for your home.  The typical range that is recommended is mid-range and will lease faster.  High range rates are recommended if you are able to wait on finding a qualified tenant for your home.

    S.L.G. is prepared to handle any home having a database of qualified and reliable vendors to assist with getting your home ready.  If the repairs or cleaning requirements exceed $500.00 we ask the Owners to pay the difference.  We will place the funds in a non-interest bearing brokers account until all repairs and cleaning are completed.  All vendors will not be paid until S.L.G. inspects the property to validate repairs and cleaning were completed correctly.

    Once the listing agreement has been executed we will take full pictures of the property to best showcase your home and begin the marketing process.

    At S.L.G. we do 100% online advertisement showcasing your home in multiple sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Rent Pads, Lovely, Hot Pads, Yakaz.com, Hunt.com, Oodle, RentNice, Trovit, Realtor, and many many more!  We ensure your home will be successfully advertised and displayed to ensure maximum exposure.

    Once we begin receiving inquiries for your home, we do our best to verbally pre-screen all parties before showing it as we don’t want unnecessary traffic going through your home.

    We typically choose the top two candidates to thoroughly screen.  Our screening process includes;

    1. Validate the applicant’s current address, owner and landlord.
    2. Obtain rental history.
    3.  Verify employment and total household net income.
    4.  Income must be at least 2.75 times the rent amount.
    5.  Obtain nationwide evictions and criminal/felony reports.
    6.  Obtain the applicant’s credit report.
    7.  Obtain bank statements.
    8.  Check applicant’s debt to income ratio.
    9. Validate ID and social security.
    10.  S.L.G. uses a second screening application which validates additional information for us to include checking their social media profiles.

    It will be an option and Owner’s decision if he or she wishes to participate in the tenant selection.  This may even include setting up a date and time to meet and interview the tenants.

    Once a tenant is selected we will ask for a non-refundable hold deposit and remove the property from off the market. A move in date will be set.

    Establish a move in date and time, tenants will receive the keys once all lease documents are executed, and monies are received.  An early move-in date may be allowed through owners consent – a per diem rate may apply for early move-in.

    At move-in tenants will be required to thoroughly inspect the home and validate condition using our move-in inspection form.

    Summit Leasing Group will collect tenant placement fee and any outstanding repair/cleaning invoices and deduct from tenants rent payment.  We will disburse the balance and closing transaction statement along with any paid receipts for your records.

    See property management service outline.

Once a tenant is placed we will commence with the management of your property. We offer full-service property management:

    We will be responsible for the collection of the tenant’s rent each month.  We are very proactive with tenants who are late putting a lot of effort in our collection strategy to ensure their payments are made however late.  Tenants who become habitually late will not be tolerated and legal notice will be served.

    Summit Leasing Group will disburse rent to owners each month typically between the 8th and the 12th, but no later than the 15th.

    Tenants who breach their lease agreement will be served legal notices from 3-day notice to pay or quit, covenant to correct, 3o day notice to vacate, and a preliminary eviction notice.

    Summit Leasing Group is prepared to handle any tenant who does not make their rent payment.  After a 3 day notice to pay has been served and expired, Summit Leasing Group will commence with the eviction process. Tenant’s security deposit will be used to pay for the eviction.

    Any property or tenant not in compliance with city ordinance will be corrected by Summit Leasing Group.

    Summit Lease will pay and handle any city legal requirements such as tenant registration, crime and drugs addendum, and rental dwelling business license requirements.   We will use funds out of owners emergency trust or deduct from tenant rent to pay for any applicable legal fees.

    Summit Leasing Group will take care of your accounting requirements and will keep an accurate log of all produces income and expenses.  Owners will be provided with monthly reports, yearly reports, schedule e reports, 1099 assist reports, and 1099 for out of state owners.

    Owners do not need to pay any recurring fees such as management, tenant placement, and lease renewal fees.  In addition, Summit Leasing Group will automatically pay any expenditure out of our own trust fund up to $500.

    We will handle all required or necessary property maintenance or repair.  We have a database of reliable and professional vendors to handle any situation that may arise.  Our vendors are our trusted source for your property keeping their fees to a minimum or at best at competitive rates.  If requested by the owner, Summit Leasing Group will acquire owners approval before any repairs are made.  However, during an emergency that is deemed a potential threat to the property or tenants and cannot get in contact with the owners, we will immediately take care of the problem.

    Per the tenant’s lease agreement, we will conduct periodic or quarterly interior and exterior inspection of the property.  If we find any discrepancies, Summit Leasing Group will take the necessary steps to make corrections.  Prior to renewing a lease, we will conduct another thorough inspection of the property with photos and inspection reports.  If requested, owners may receive a copy of the report.

    At the end of the lease period, we will issue tenants a reminder and lease renewal request.  If the tenant passes our inspection we will renew the lease for an additional term.

We believe in retaining good tenants for as long as possible.  A lease renewal enables us to keep tenants for an additional 1 to 2-year term.  In addition, this allows us to fully inspect your home and consult with tenants regarding any issues or concern.  Our lease renewal service includes;

  • Schedule a date and time to inspect home and consult with the tenant.

  • Inspect & check California housing requirements such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, water heater, and water pressure.

  • Fully inspect and evaluate the interior and exterior of the home.

  • Serve tenant notice to correct if discrepancies found.

  • Retain full inspection reports and images for our records and owners.

  • Schedule a second property inspection to validate any corrections made.

  • Write up and execute a new lease agreement with an inspection passing tenant.

If you are an investor or homeowner we can assist and guide you in the following areas;

  • Know your options with bad pre-existing tenants.

  • Should you buy and lease a home in the High Desert?

  • Guide you in the best area to purchase an investment home in the High Desert.

  • California tenant and landlord law discussion and evictions.

  • Our tenant screening and selection process.

  • Is property management services right for you?

  • Discuss our tenant placement – lease listing service in detail.

  • Discuss our property management service in detail.

  • Discuss our fees.

Summit Leasing Group syndicates our listings to the
 online listing resources.

And many more…..

Our Fees

What Our Clients Are Saying

My previous property manager did a poor job so I decided to switch to a new property management company.  I called several property managers on an April Saturday.  Charlie Galvati was the only manager that I was able to speak to right away.  Without knowing him before or having any referral, I came to his office for property management help.  After talking to him or an hour, I felt very comfortable with his experience and professionalism so I decided to sign the property management contract with him.  It turns out that I made the right decision to hire Charlie.  He helped to find the right handyman to fix and clean the house and secure the tenants fairly quick.  I have no issue with the tenants so far and am very happy about Charlie’s service.  I would have no reservation to recommend Charlie Galvati, Broker of Summit Leasing Group to any of my friends who have rentals in the area.
Haitao Li, San Diego, CA  (858) 345-7280  //  Email:  li4481@yahoo.com

Haitao Li, Investor
Mr. Galvati has been extremely customer focus and delivered as per the initial agreement.  He helped me find tenants and managing my property in Hesperia, CA.  His is very professional and delivers value added services to customers.  He established his credibility in following areas:
  • Tenant finding and advertising
  • Coordinating with Property Owner and potential tenant in signing the deal
  • Managing the property on go-forward basis.
I am very happy with is services and will recommend him to any new venture where it needs dedicated, hard work, work ethics and professionalism.   I wish him all the best on his future ventures.

Tami Wei Zhang, Realtor/Investor
I have been working with Mr. Galvati for over 3 years now and so far he has been responsible and professional with our dealings.  Every time there has been an issue with the property, he has done his fair part to help alleviate the problems. I have also seen much fairness from him towards the fees he charges to get things corrected and resolved.   We hope he stays on our team long term as our rental and property management agent.   Thank you Charlie!

Shun Liping Tian, Investor
Charlie has been managing our property for over 2 years and his outstanding ability, professionalism have been exceptional. From the process of finding the right tenant all the way up until the tenant leaving the property at the end of their lease, Charlie has given us the peace of mind and has made sure the tenant leaves the property in a good condition: highly recommend.
Phone:  (909) 762-1105  //  Email:  m_ahmedi@yahoo.com

Matin Ahmedi, Accountant
I have known Charlie Galvati for almost 5 year and have a couple of properties leased and managed by him.
Charlie Galvati is very personable, professional and supportive Property Manager. I appreciate his constant contacts, his
communication and updates.  I have a full confidence in referring my relatives and friends.  I give Charlie Galvati a 4 Star.
Phone:  (562) 556-6088 // Email:  rosiet56@yahoo.com

Rose Trevino, Realtor
It is with confidence and reassurance that I highly recommend Charlie Galvati to anyone seeking services for property management, tenant placement, and real estate services. My experience with investment properties spans eleven years and I have owned properties from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Valencia, California. I have had many property management companies work for me and beyond the shadow of a doubt, I know Charlie’s skill set and knowledge would have been advantageous in all of my property management endeavors. Although he has worked with me on just one of my properties, his expertise in the high desert area has been something that has made my property become a solid investment with reliable and accountable occupants.
He is courteous, professional, and knows the delicate manner in which property management and tenant screening must be conducted to benefit all parties involved in the world of real estate investments. He has a large network of support services that I have utilized and they have been fairly priced with excellent quality work rendered. He has a commitment level that is able to keep up with demands of this fast-paced environment.
Again, without any reservation or hesitation I recommend Charlie Galvati from Summit Leasing Group to anyone interested in being successful in the property management industry. He is a true dedicated, genuine, and understanding individual who will exceed your expectations.
Please feel free to call me or e-mail me questions regarding his performance at:
Phone: (951) 240-1124 or medicmatt13@yahoo.com

Matt Corelli, Fireman
Charlie Galvati has been managing a property of ours in Victorville, CA for nearly 3 years now. As we are no longer living in the area, finding a good property manager was a must, and we are very happy with our decision to have Charlie manage the property. He is very professional, efficient, and effective. He found a tenant for us very quickly, resolved all maintenance issues and has kept our tenants happy, and always kept us informed on what was going on. Management fees are reasonable, and he has always been very responsive to any questions or concerns we’ve had. I would highly recommend Charlie for anyone needing property management.
Phone:  (631) 487-8479  //  Email: johnsont53@gmail.com

Timothy Johnson, Scientist/Software Engineer
Charlie has always done what he said he was going to do, always returned phone calls, and done it all with a smile. You will never find an easier person to deal with!
Phone: ( 760) 578-2886  //  Email: tom@gtelectricinc.com

Tom Kawal, Electrician
I am very happy to work with Charlie Galvati, to rent my property.  Charlie scheduled all meetings and interactions with the people interested in renting my home.  He provided a profile of the house for the touring.  He promptly returned all phone calls and had advertising in place as soon as possible.  He worked hard, illustrated great understanding of contact details, negotiation etiquette and documentation.  His ethics, good character demonstrated dependability, reliability and efficiency on the many jobs he has performed for me.
Larry Bazzarrini, Lawrence Studios

Several years ago my neighbor Monica had received a last minute relocation letter from her job at Wells Fargo to relocate from California to Texas in a short span. Monica was extremely stressed out about her sudden relocation to another state in such a short notice. She had found Mr. Galvati business card and made contact with him. Charlie found a wonderful family for her home that became good neighbors of mine in a short period of time. A few years later, we decided to buy another home and rent our primary residence. I made contact with Monica now living in Texas about her intimate experience with Mr. Galvati and services. Monica, was extremely happy about his services and was worry free because Mr. Galvati was the main point of contact and liaison between Monica and her tenants. She never dealt with them in any way shape or form.
My wife Norma and I decided to give Mr. Galvati a call and inquire about his services to interview and hire him as our property management company. We did not have the time, patience, knowledge and wisdom in hiring tenants nor did we want to deal with any headaches. Mr. Galvati fees were very reasonable! Charlie, displayed: honesty, integrity, loyalty, caring, compassion, knowledge, wisdom and expertise in property management. Charlie had outstanding communication with Norma and I during the short time he market and advertised our home, interview potential tenants and conducted a background checks on all applicants. He had potential tenants within 24 hours of signing our contract and fully executed agreement within a week for different tenants that we thought were a better fit for our home. We were very happy with Charlies services and recommended him to other neighbors shortly after. They hired Charlie and he now manages their homes. They are all very happy.
If you are looking into hiring a property management company. Look no further! Hire Charlie Galvati and you will be 100% guaranteed. We are real people whom would be happy to receive a call or email from you in regards to Charlie Galvati services.
Peter & Norma

Phone:  (909) 997-0752Email:  petersanchez11880@gmail.com

Peter Sanchez, Law Enforcement/Business Owner
I would like highly recommend Charlie if you need property management or other real estate services. I have been working with him more than 10 years. He is not only bridge my tenants professionally, also has the knowledge and strategies to turn the delinquent tenants back on track, as well as handle the tough accounts through legal process.   I truly feel lucky that I have Charlie to manager properties.
Phone:  (714) 599-8392  //  Email:   ireneh08@yahoo.com

Irene Huang, Business Development Director
As a property manager, Charlie Galvati has recently provided me the placement service on one of my properties in the City of Victorville.  Mr. Galvati is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with his clients.  His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent.  In summary, I’m very satisfied with his services and I highly recommend him.  He is a valuable asset for any organization.
Email:  ericwang9888@yahoo.com

Eric Wang, Investor
Charlie came highly recommended to me from a friend. As a home owner who was renting out my house for the very first time, I had a lot of concerns and questions. Charlie did an amazing job answering my questions and overall doing a very thorough job providing me with the necessary information to start the rental process.
Charlie handles every aspect of managing my rental home from home maintenance to the renters themselves. He keeps me up to date on any concerns or issues and just does an amazing job with customer service and taking care of me and my home.I would recommend Charlie to anyone who is wanting to rent out a home and needs a property manager or is looking for a leasing agent to find a rental home.Karen S.
Phone:  (760) 780-5146  //  Email:  ksstratton38@yahoo.com

Karen Stratton, Registered Nurse
As an out-of-town property owner, it was crucial that I was able to depend on my property management company, Summit Leasing Group, to help me effectively manage my property and maximize my investment. Over the years, Charlie Galvati has helped me immensely and I couldn’t be happier with his service.
Phone:  (323) 592-0689  //  Email:  kingbren1@att.net

Brenda King, CEO
I have know Charlie Galvati for 15 years now and have become very familiar with is business ethics.  Owning two investments homes myself Charlie Galvati has been handling the management of my homes.   It has been the best decision yet.  Thank you Summit Leasing Group!

Denny Leopoldo , Police Officer
I just want to say that you have made my life easier by taking care of my property in Victorville. I haven’t had to go out there worried that something may go wrong. You have taken care of everything and always keep me informed of what is going on with the property as well as getting the right people to do work on it when needed at a reasonable cost.
Again Chalice thank you very much for making it seem as though I am your only client.
You personal attention to my needs had been a great blessing.
Email:  juan3465@yahoo.com

Juan Perez, Home Investor
I have been working with Charlie for over past 4 years now, and I couldn’t be happier to have him as my agent and property management representative. He is a true professional in his field, prompt and very easy to work with. He has been managing couple of my properties in High Desert for past four years. His open and professional interaction with all parties including tenants has given me peace of mind that my property investments are in good hands. I will retain him as my agent as long as he is willing to represent me. Keep up the good work Charlie,
Phone:  (909) 720-4566
Email:  namakipartners@gmail.com

Hassan Namaki, Real Estate Investor