Standard & Routine Inspections

At Summit Leasing Group we put our property inspections at the forefront of our management duties. It is very important for us to maximize our efforts to ensure tenants maintenance and care of your home by conducting and documenting our inspections. We perform pre-move-in inspections, routine and move-out inspections. Our inspections are sync into our accounting software, recorded and accessible should we need validate a notice to vacate or evict.

Our goal is to minimize excess wear and tear to your home by conducting a pre-move-in inspection followed by routine inspections during the tenancy and a move-out inspection.  During routine inspections, we will note any discrepancies and issue a covenant notice to correct.  Summit Leasing Group will follow up within a reasonable time and re-inspection the home.  Should we find that tenant did not correct discrepancies found we will either hire our own contractor to correct and bill the tenant or we will issue a 30-day notice to vacate the property.

In addition to our inspections we do our best to educate the tenant to ensure they understand our lease agreement terms and policies.  The tenants will fully understand that Summit Leasing Group will issue them a random 24 hour notice of entry to conduct our routine inspections followed by consequences for breaching our agreement.



What We’re Looking For During A Rental Inspections

  • Exterior City Compliance Ordinance

  • Front Yard Maintenance Conditions

  • Backyard Maintenance Conditions

  • Exterior Walls, Doors & Windows

  • Exterior Light Fixtures

  • Irrigational System

  • Water Heater

  • Interior Doors & Windows

  • Interior Wall Conditions

  • Window Converings

  • Carpet & Flooring Conditions

  • House Ceilings

  • Kitchen & Appliance Conditions

  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Plumbing Water Leaks

  • AC & Heating System

  • Bathroom Conditions

  • All Interior Light Fixtures

  • Home Electrical System

  • Inside of Garage

  • Garage Door Opener System