Are you considering buying an investment home here in the High Desert Community?  If so and not sure where to begin – begin with us!  A free no-obligation consultation with Summit Leasing Group can discuss important details that can make your buying decision much easier.  Here are some important bullet points we will be discussing with you:

  • Purchase Location:  At Summit Leasing Group, we know the High Desert area.  Location is vital to your purchase.  We will help narrow down preferred locations that will best benefit you, both short and long-term investments.
  • Rental Income:  Once you consider a few homes in mind, we will work out some accurate rental comparables for you.  This can provide some important income/expense details for you.
  • Short-Term VS Long-Term Home Investment:  This topic is important before purchasing an investment home.  Let us sort the details out for you.
  • 1031 Tax Exchange:  Another important topic if you are considering selling your investment home but don’t want to pay the taxes associated with real estate property sales tax.
  • Purchasing Real Estate Agent:  We work exclusively with top-notch real estate agents who know the business!  If you are shopping around for a realtor and don’t want to spend too much time finding the right one, let us make the recommendations for you.
  • Leasing & Property Management: Before the close of escrow, you will be considering leasing and managing the home yourself or using the service of a professional.  This can be a good time to discuss very important details about all legal, accounting taxes, and administrative duties regarding your new home.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic 2021:  Potential concerns will be discussed.

Need a consultation?  Contact us at:  (760) 514-3188 between 10am to 7pm, Monday through  Sunday.