How Are Repairs Handled?2021-05-11T15:27:36-07:00

On any repair requirement we acquire Owners approval first unless it is an emergency and cannot get a hold of the Owner.  If the Owner does not require approval, Summit Leasing Group will get our best people to take care of any issues.  Summit Leasing Group will take care of the bill if under $500.00 and deduct from next month Tenant’s rent. A first of the month statement will be issued to Owner.

Rental Application2022-04-11T11:29:27-07:00

Rental application are done online.  Simply go to, “Homes For Rent”.  Find the home you like and click on the link to apply.  This will take you into the detailed information page for the property.  Right below the house image, click on the Apply Link.  You must complete one application for each adult over 18 years old.

Are Appliances Covered By The Lease?2021-05-11T15:32:32-07:00

Typically homes are equipped with the standard appliances such as stove and dishwashers.  Microwave may be included but optional. Any additional appliances such as refrigerator, washer and dryer will not be covered by Owner should repair be required.  All appliance terms will be covered on the lease agreement.

Do You Accept Electronic Signatures2021-05-11T15:33:22-07:00

Yes we do.  As a convenience for clients that cannot come into our office or prefer not to print out long contracts, we send certified e-signature requests.

What Do You Look For In A Tenant?2021-05-11T15:33:56-07:00

At Summit Leasing Group, we do an extensive tenant evaluation before any consideration is made.  Owners may or may not be involved in the tenant selection process.  However, what we look for in a prime candidate are the following;

  • No current or past evictions
  • Low debt to income ratio
  • Excellent rental history
  • Above 600 fico to be considered
  • Steady employment history
  • Total household net income must meet or exceed 2.75 times the rent
  • Tenants that will take good care of the home – pride of tenancy
  • No aggressive type pets
How Are Utilities Handled?2021-05-11T15:34:29-07:00

It is recommended that Owners leave all utilities on for the purpose of clean and showing.  Once tenancy is established, tenants are given 3 days to transfer all utilities into their name.

Summit Leasing Group does not place or pay for any utilities in behalf of tenants.

Are Tenants Required To Purchase Rental Insurance?2021-05-11T15:34:46-07:00

Yes, it is required and stipulated on the Lease Agreement.  However, should tenants fail to maintain rental insurance, tenants cannot legally hold Summit Leasing Group or Owners liable for any damages or loss to tenant’s personal belongings in addition to any injuries or death to any tenant, tenant’s guest or tenant’s visitors.

When Does Summit Leasing Disburse Rent To Owners?2021-05-11T15:40:06-07:00

Summit Leasing Group begins their accounting rent disbursement process on 7th of each month.  We use ACH, (Automated Clearing House) to pay Owners their rent.  On a typical month, Owners can expect their rent in their bank account no later than the 10th of each month.

How Soon Can We Expect A Response After Submitting The Rental Application?2021-05-11T15:35:17-07:00

No more than 5 business days.

Can Landlord Enter The Property At Any Time?2021-05-11T15:35:02-07:00

Yes provided a 24 hour notice is issued to tenants prior to entry.  Tenants do not need to be home for Landlord to enter the home.


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