About Broker

Summary, Skills & Experience

At a young age, I began learning the true value of hard work, good work ethics and integrity working alongside my father.  My brother and I would enjoy helping my father on weekends with his commercial and residential cleaning business, however, he was very strict and wanted things done 100% correct.  Over time I would think about his successes and how that came into development.  He was a major influence for me thus becoming my core factor on how I would later develop and conduct my own business.

Growing up I was very intrigued by the mechanisms and electronic on what things work.  I would take things apart to see the inside of things and making an effort to be with my father whenever he had to tinker with the television, watching him remove that backboard and seeing all the intricate layout of wires, tubes and different components.

I was introduced to computers in 1984 when the 8080 computers and MS-DOS were popular.  Learning some basic programming skills I developed a higher interest in technology thus receiving a degree in computer science, electronics, and robotics.  Throughout the years I gained new knowledge in the ever-changing scheme of information technology learning programming in web development, computer hardware, and software applications, graphic design and most importantly, internet marketing.

In 2002 I became duly licensed by the state of California, Bureau of Real Estate and began working with Century 21 Town & Country in Ontario.  I was able to effectively market myself closing out 12 transactions my first year and doubling that in the second.  Overtime agent would ask me for help in marketing – this became a daily routine, however, I was happy to help as I knew it would benefit the office overall.  Becoming the marketing director in 2004, Century 21 Town & Country would reach centurion and double centurion status by 2005.  Real estate would become my life’s work.

On June of 2004, I was offered the position as a marketing director.  My primary responsibility was to create and implement a full-scale marketing department that would benefit both agents and office together.  The company was growing at a very fast pace opening up additional offices in Palm Springs, Colton, San Bernardino, and Fontana.  Additionally, the marketing department was growing as well and projects were piling up yet undertaking another major project by becoming the first in the industry to have a full-scale office portrait studio.  I took the necessary classes and became certified in digital portrait photography. 

Real estate was at the point of change whereby technology would become a major source for business, e-marketing would become the core of marketing.

My Marketing Skills Included;

  • Live marketing training
  • Agent marketing development
  • Office promotion activities
  • Public speaking
  • Website development and administrator
  • Portrait photography
  • Media advertising
  • Internet marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Creating and publishing our own C21 TNC magazines
  • Create and outsource promotional material
  • Community outreach fundraising

In 2008, the real estate market took a full crash resulting in closing our Palm Springs, Fontana, and Colton offices keeping the two most profitable offices open, Ontario and San Bernardino.  Short sales and foreclosures would become the dominant source for business, however, non-seasoned agents would not survive.  Unfortunately, the marketing department was no longer an asset and was closed down completely in 2008.  I began doing residential and commercial leasing for the next two years.

Statistically in 2010 leasing and property management was show a high incline and Century 21 Town & Country opened its doors to TNC Property Management Division.  I was appointed to open, run, and manage the company.  Taking all the necessary courses I became certified in property management and TNC Property Management opened its doors!  Persevering I would spend 16 hours a day developing and growing the business.  Using my marketing skills to find investors and home owners, the business began growing.   With my sharpened skills TNC Property Management would later become Inland Empire Realty Group.  The company was doing very well, however, my desire for growth was limited by the Broker.  I acquired my Broker’s license and opened up my own leasing and management company calling it Summit Leasing Group.

Full Broker Biography

In 1979 my family moved to Claremont, California, a city on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County, located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains minutes from Mt. Baldy Village.  Claremont is known as the home of the Claremont Colleges and other educational institutions, and for its tree-lined streets with numerous historic buildings and at one time for its citrus groves and open space which once dominated the northern portion of the city which has been replaced by residential developments of large homes where my parents bought a home.

At age of 13, I enrolled in a program sponsored by the city of Claremont offering work to youth helping out seniors assisting in landscaping, organizing and moving heavy items into storage.  At age 16, I enrolled in the ROP program and began working the evening shift at Burger King and graduated from Claremont High School in 1984.

After gradation., I began working at our local grocery store and attended college primarily taking administrative and business courses while fulfilling my biggest aspiration to become a drummer.   In 1987, I put everything aside to serve in the U.S. Army.  I departed January 1987.

In 1987, I joined the U.S. Army and signed into a COHORT Unit.  I received my orders to be stationed overseas in Nurnberg Germany, Merrell Barracks and one year later reassigned to Schwabach, Germany at O’Brien Barracks.  I had the opportunity to see much of the countryside on weekends and vacation time driving down the autobahn towards my favorite destination, Tegernsee, Bavaria Alps with friends.

Aside from traveling, the Army was hard work spending 30 days in the summer up in Grafenwohr and 30 days in the winter training in real life military maneuvers.  It was brutal in the winter time when temperatures would dip in the negative 25 degrees and horrible in the summertime where it was hot, dry and dusty.   I was honorably discharged and spent my last two weeks in South Carolina, Fort Jackson.  I was home by the end of 1989.

Upon returning, I took some time off and moved into a condo in Dana Point just across Salt Creek Beach by Ritz Carlton.  I began a window cleaning business called Pacific Coast Window Cleaning targeting beach front and new construction homes.  After a year, I moved back home and received my degree in Computer Science – Information Technology and electronics.

After I graduated, I began working for PSI Systems International, a computer firm in the City of Industry.  In 1996, I left PSI to work for General Motors Acceptance Corporation whereby GMAC was at the point of restructuring their customer service centers converting old 8080 DOS Software System to Windows.  I began working at their Customer service center in Ontario.

In 1996, I married my best friend, Anita, and leased a home in Rancho Cucamonga with our 2 great dogs, Bear and Shadow, a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever.  By 2000, GMAC began major restructuring which ended my employment with them.  On March 2002,  I became duly licensed by the California State, Bureau of Real Estate.  I was hired by Century 21 Town & Country in Ontario where I remained for a decade.  In 2004, the Broker offered me a position to open and run the marketing department and facilitate agent training in developing their marketing skills.

In 2005, we open up the very first in=house agent business portrait studio.  I spent 6 months studying and becoming certified in digital photography.  Using Hensel Integra 500 flash units and a mid-class Canon D20 DSLR – this was a huge success promoting new and seasoned agents.  C21 TNC began expanding their offices in Palm Springs, Fontana, Colton, and San Bernardino, so I spent time at each office for marketing training and support. It was challenging work but I truly enjoyed it!

Real estate and technology began merging and a shift would take place on how marketing would be done.  E-marketing would become the new and essential part of my job!  In 2008, the real estate market crashed closing out 3 out of 5 offices, terminating all office managers to include the marketing department.  In 2010, I proposed to open up a property management division and took all required courses and became certified as a property manager.  TNC Property Management opened its doors thus becoming my new business venture and my passion.  After becoming a Broker in 2018, I decided to cut ties with Century 21 and open up my own company, calling it Summit Leasing Group.

In 2003, my wife, Anita, and I began a family in need outreach through Century 21 Town & Country.  We had a huge Broker/Agent support and participation!  We were able to get donations for toys, clothes, blankets, and food, along with money donated helping us buy more toys and clothes.  Aside from the hard work, it was truly gratifying!  We continued our outreach well into 2008 to include Sonoma Mexico outreach, Easter Seals foundation and working alongside with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department supporting battered women and their Children on Christmas.  Summit Leasing Group will continue our support for the High Desert, “Adopt A Family in Need Outreach”.

As a hard working business owner, I am very passionate about my life and firmly believe in living a well-balanced life.  Aside from my dedication to work I am devoted to my family. I have two wonderful boys, CJ and Joshua and two dogs, Skillet and Skylie.  We recently purchased our first travel trailer and enjoy spending quality time together traveling to various camping resorts!

I do make time practicing on my drumming and guitar skills taking some time off playing on the worship team at church.  Another passion I have is photography having experience in photo documentaries, portrait, and sports photography.  As a previous board member for the High Desert Steelers and Victor Valley Outlaws football league, I was recruited as their official action sports photographer.  I remain active in photography by occasionally shooting special occasions for family and friends and revel in hiking trips with my photography gear.  My next venture is kayaking with my family across beautiful Sierra mountain lakes.